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Mania Finally Ended

Hey Guys,

So yea, maniath finally ended and like always, it left me feeling down. My mom used to tell me not to claim depression but sometimes you have to call it what it is. I know in the black community we don't like to talk about mental health and that's where the problem lies. Depression is a part of the manic cycle. Symptoms of depression include, anxiety, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, mood swings, sadness, changes in sleep and eating habits; sleeping or eating more than normal or the opposite, social isolation, suicidal thoughts and more. Now because I am aware of what's going on I can be better prepared to deal with the depression. When I start feeling low I go back to my safety plan which gives me ideas of things to do when I feel low. I try to keep myself in good spirits because when i'm depressed that's when the suicidal thoughts come and we don't have any time for that. Over the weekend I started seeing a new therapist. I like her so far because I feel that she really listened and she asked good questions. Having the right therapist can mean the difference in your treatment plan.

So let's sum up mania:

  1. Felt like Wonder Woman

  2. Partied my ass off

  3. Spent WAY too much money

  4. Got stopped by the police for speeding (recklessness)

  5. Had so much sex that I lost count

  6. Damaged my hair and had to cut it all off again

  7. Lost my wallet (my fault)

Thank you for spending a couple minutes with me today.

Arailyus out #threeredhearts

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