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Arailyus Kingdom, a native of South Georgia, published her first book, "Love and Mental Health" in 2022. There was no doubt that Arailyus was going to share her story with the world. Starting her social journey on Youtube initially talking about her natural hair, later deemed the platform for her to document her greatest journey, living an amazing life with a mental disorder.
In the midst of filming her day to day life for her youtube channel, she was going through what she describes as one of the toughest relationships she'd ever been in. During this journey, she was encouraged to write about her experiences and through those experiences and having come out of the other side, her baby "Love and Mental Health" was born.
Arailyus continues to share what life is like with a mental disorder after a break up, finding self and becoming the best you.
You can follow her journey on Youtube, Arailyus Kingdom.

Arailyus Kingdom


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