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I found something that works for my mania!

So quick back story. I was was doing a workout challenge and I hurt my back. I ended up meeting this guy at the car dealership. He's also a Veteran. He gave me a sample of his What Pain Rub. I used it on my back and the pain has been getting better. I'm still going to go to physical therapy because it is a pulled muscle but funny enough when I went out last weekend I didn't have any back pain either and I was twerking in heels! So yea, his rub is really good. So anyway he bought my book. When he read it he called me. We had a whole conversation about the world of drumming for mental disorders. He even got me my own drum to practice on. We had a conversation yesterday and I told him I was still going through mania and that my mind is all over the place. He sent me some drum music to listen to. It's called Tabla.It sounds like music you would hear in a spa but it has drums too. I've been listening ever since yesterday. My mind feels a bit more calm. Now has it cured my mania. of course not but I need all the help I can get right now. I do have a job but I'm having the hardest time focusing. I say all the time, mental disorders don't care what you have going on, they are still going to be there. This is the first time I've ever been aware that I was even going through mania so that's new. I said if someone could watch me for a day, I would probably drive them crazy because I just can not be still. I have control over my spending again. My sleeping was better but this morning I overslept and I've been on go ever since. I'm glad today is Friday because I'm off work til Tuesday but even tomorrow is going to be go go go. I Have my x-ray in the morning, make up appointment, Facebook Live, then drive back to Atlanta again. I need a day before Tuesday where I can rest my mind. I'll figure it out. But yeah this is where I am mania still in full effect. Like I said, this is first time I've even been aware so I have no idea how long this thing lasts. I'll update you on the flip side #Arailyusout

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