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Niggas Ain't Shit!

It's been a while since I've posted but if you know anything about a Bipolar mind, you know that we (I) tend to disappear for a while. But when I disappeared I went through a change. My relationship with God evolved. It keeps getting better every day and I think I'm learning how to hear his voice. Because of that I finally decided to take my job serious and because of that I got a promotion and I'm already excelling there too. I also signed up for the training team. I had been praying to God for over two years for a promotion. The thing is I was doing the bare minimum while my peers were constantly moving up. Back in December I had to go into my office in Atlanta. While I was there I had a meeting with my supervisor and she asked me why my performance was so low. I didn't offer her an explanation, I only told her I would do better. I thrive when I'm challenged but sometimes I need a kick start. So being a woman of my word, I stuck to my word and got on my shit and now they're talking about me but in a good way. I've also been working on my finances and credit and those both have improved. And I'm in the process of buying a new home. I found and joined a church where I actually feel God's spirit and presence. I attend every Sunday and I just completed Growth Track, so I'm a member now. And because I love challenges, I joined the production team. This is definitely going to be a challenge but I know that I'll catch onto that as well.

This was just a backstory on me to let you know I'm getting my shit together even without a guy in my life, I'm very happy and I'm perfectly fine with waiting for the guy God has for me. And because I'm fine with waiting for the right guy, hence this blog.

Ok, so I traded in my truck last week. It was bittersweet though because I loved that truck. I kept having problems with it though and every time something goes wrong with it I have to take off work to go to the Audi dealership in Atlanta. I now have a Mercedes GLB 250. It wasn't the truck I wanted but I didn't want the higher payments, so I stuck to my budget and lowered my expectations. She's cute though, black with black leather interior and a few upgrades. I haven't decided if I'm going to add rims, but black on black would be so sexy on this truck.

So onto the story. My salesman was so professional throughout the sale of my truck, but as I was leaving he told me I was so beautiful and asked if I was single. I told him I was so he asked if he could text me and I said sure. I asked God to show me if he was sent by him. It didn't take long to get my answer. In our very first conversation, which was through text, he was already talking about sex. I told him that was a huge turnoff for me and to try another approach. He apologized and asked me what my hobbies were, then turned around and asked me when he could come rub my back. That was it for me. I told him I was not looking for a fuck buddy and couldn't see how he wanted to fuck a girl he just met. He knew nothing about me yet thought I would let him fuck off a compliment. I'm single but I'm not desperate. Through my relationship with God I've learned that soul ties are real and those things stick around. Have you making bad decisions and shit, going back to that toxic shit, so I'm not trying to add anymore to my repertoire anytime soon. I saw him again on Saturday when I took my Audi rims to the dealership. I asked him was he a good communicator and if he could give me consistency. He said yes to the first question and his response to the second question was that's to be seen. I guess sex was a prerequisite for him because I haven't heard from him since. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed because initially I though he just might be the one. I did tell God I wasn't asking when he was coming but I told him I would be open to him when he comes, so I guess I got my hopes up high and they got crushed. But this feeling too will pass. I just thank God for the revelation.

My question to the guys is why are y'all like that? Why is it mandatory for a woman to fuck you to give her consistency or attention? And do y'all think all single women are desperate for a man? Why can't y'all actually take the time to get to know us and court us? Y'all can't take us on a few dates first? I'm not saying to wait until we're married, but take the time to learn some things about us to see if we're even compatible before you have sex with us. We have souls too and you should see if you want to be tied to ours. Some of us women as y'all like to say have good pussy, but we're also crazy, broke, and broken to name a few. You shouldn't want a soul tie to us either, but I guess that doesn't matter to some guys. That's just my opinion. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thanks for reading. Leave me a thumbs up & a comment below.

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