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Breadcrumbing and Gaslighting: The Two-Faced Villains of Modern Romance

Hey y’all,

The Socially Awkward Nerd here with another post. I am teasing the idea of turning this into a new series but for now I want to make this blog post. Let me know if you would be interested in a story after reading.

Ok here we go, lol. Gather ‘round for a real talk about something that’s been on my mind lately: the shady tactics of breadcrumbing and gaslighting in the crazy world of dating. These two sneaky behaviors might seem like they’re straight out of a soap opera, but trust me, they’re very real – and very toxic. So, grab a seat, get comfy, and let’s shine a light on these manipulative games together.


Now, breadcrumbing – it’s like a tease that just won’t quit. You think you’ve caught their attention, but then they’re gone faster than a dollar bill in the wind.

Enter Ava, our girl who ain’t afraid to speak her mind, caught up in Jeremy’s breadcrumbing game. He’d dangle the promise of a dreamy future together like a shiny prize, only to disappear into thin air when Ava tried to lock it down. But did she give up? Nah, she held on tight, hoping for a real connection in a sea of fake promises.


When Reality Goes Off the Rails Gaslighting – it’s like a mind game that messes with your head. It’s like being lost in a maze where every turn leads you further from the truth.

Now, picture Ava, standing her ground in the face of Jeremy’s mind tricks. She called him out on his disappearing act, but instead of owning up, he twisted the truth like a pretzel. Suddenly, Ava was left wondering if she was the one going crazy, questioning everything she thought she knew.

Key Differences:

Navigating the Minefield of Manipulation

So, how do breadcrumbing and gaslighting stack up against each other, and what can we learn from their twisted dance?

• Nature of Manipulation: Breadcrumbing keeps you hanging on, while gaslighting messes with your head and your sense of self.

 • Emotional Impact: Breadcrumbing leaves you frustrated and confused, while gaslighting can make you doubt your own sanity.

 • Intent: Breadcrumbing is all about keeping you on the hook, while gaslighting aims to tear you down and keep you under their thumb.

As we navigate the wild world of modern dating, it’s important to keep our eyes open and our hearts guarded. By recognizing the signs of breadcrumbing and gaslighting, we can protect ourselves from falling into these toxic traps and build relationships based on trust and respect. Remember, you deserve someone who sees your worth – don’t settle for anything less.




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IKR and they know it too!


Soooo true! Back when I was dating I had a super toxic entanglement that was nothing but breadcrumbing and gaslighting. Smh it’s so crazy how you can lose your sense of self chasing after a man or the high you believe he brings

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